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Ula was founded in 2023 as a creative experiment that combines vintage style with advanced sustainability. Today, Ula has become a vibrant community of unique individuals from all corners of the world. We celebrate fun, creativity, individuality, and style, and our purpose is to offer quality ocean and beachwear that enhances your experience in the water while oozing style.

Our designs are meticulously tested to ensure maximum comfort, and we take pride in the sustainable materials we use, such as Repreve fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and waste. Our brand name, Ula, means "jewel of the sea" and embodies the positive qualities of love and happiness. We aim to let go of ego and competitive aggressiveness to enjoy the soul-nourishing action of riding waves and having fun.

Slow living by the sea.

Ula is a brand designed by women for women, with the mission to empower women to love and appreciate themselves while minimizing their environmental footprint. We believe that every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful in her own skin, and our swimwear is designed to help her do just that. So grab your surfboard and join the Ula community to experience the freedom and excitement of surfing as a group of unique individuals!